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Protect yourself from the worst case

We always say it's easy to get life and health insurance when you're healthy - until you're not. Life and Health insurances are the best way of making sure you and the people you love can carry on if you become sick, permanently disabled or die.

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How we can help

The benefits of getting your life + health insurance through a Liquid adviser:

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Life and TPD

Life and TPD (total and permanent disability) insurances - while not something that's easy to talk about - are the best way you can protect your loved ones from hardship if the worst was to happen. There are many ways to structure life and TPD cover and everyone's situation is different - we can help you determine the amount and structure that best suits you and your loved ones.



Getting the best medical treatment can be expensive - and crop up when you least expect it. Could you cover the bills if you needed urgent treatment tomorrow? If not, you may need to look into medical insurance. Let's chat about what kind of cover you may need, and make it work with your budget.


Income Protection

If you become unable to work, what would happen to you or your family financially? Would you be unable to make mortgage payments, for example? ACC is a fantastic facility to make use of in the event that you can't work - but ACC only covers accidental injury, not sickness. Income protection will ensure that your life can carry on, even if you can't carry on at your job.



Suffering a major medical event (such as a heart attack or stroke) can be a heavy financial burden to bear. Trauma insurance can enable you to carry that burden while you take the time to recover and get back to normal. Trauma insurance is unique from income protection or medical insurance. Get in touch and we can explain the differences and discuss if this is a type of a cover you may need.


Our Insurance Partners

We have excellent working relationships with leading insurers as well as some smaller companies that provide more specific types of cover. This means we can find a solution for your specific situation. Here are some of our insurance partners:

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