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Personalised financial advice

Liquid Financial Advice provides personalised advice to help you achieve your financial goals - whether it's buying your first home, planning for your retirement or protecting yourself against the unknown.

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Liquid lending advisers have decades of experience in home lending, investment lending and everything in between.

There's a lot of information out there - and it's our job to distill it down and make your decisions easier.


Our investment advisers want to help you navigate your financial pathway.

We know everyone's goals and situation are different, so speak to one of our experienced investment advisers about a financial plan.


Making sure you have the right insurance for your unique circumstances requires professional advice.

Contact a Liquid financial adviser now to make sure your personal and business risk needs are accurately assessed.

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We know you're special

We've helped all sorts of people over the years, from first home buyers to property investors, rentees to rentors, graduates to retirees. What's always clear is that everyone's story is different - just like the advice we give when we've heard yours.

We cut through the noise

There is a lot of jargon, admin and information out there, and it can be really hard to figure out what the best choice for you should be. That's where we come in. Take advantage of our experience, industry knowledge and ability to distill it down to what's important to you.

Financial partners for life

When you partner with Liquid, we are with you for life. Starting with your first home, all the way to planning for your retirement, Liquid has the expertise to help you get the best outcome no matter where life takes you. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on enjoying life.

We really do know our stuff

Liquid advisers have decades of experience assisting their clients with financial advice. We maintain excellent working relationships with our industry partners and product providers, keep up to date with market trends and value ongoing professional development. We're all working towards the same thing - to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Tips from the experts

Reasons to use a Mortgage Adviser

posted on:
March 3, 2020

If you've never used an adviser before - you might be wondering why you wouldn't just go straight to the bank to get your loan. The list of benefits is quite long - so the best thing to do is get started!

  1. Good Advice – getting a mortgage is far more than just getting the best interest rate. We help you choose the best loan structure, fixed rate terms and discuss your long-term goals. Bank employees are not trained (and some are not even allowed) to give this kind of advice. You’ll most likely get a loan, but that’s all you’ll get!
  2. Benefit from our experience – we’ve seen every kind of borrower, and we’ve lined them up with the right lender every time. Not every borrower is created equal, just like not all the banks are created equal. Finding the right fit can be crucial, not only for what interest you’ll pay, but for finding the bank that will let you have the structure you want on the property you want.
  3. Save time – You could go out on your own, talk to all the banks and negotiate based on the deals they offer, but do you really have the time for that? We do all that leg-work for you, and we generally don’t even charge for     it! Talking to us also means a more efficient application process, and faster answers to your questions. If you have a question about the purchasing process, it’s usually far quicker to pick up the phone and talk to a Liquid adviser than it is to start researching online.
  4. Less stress – buying a property, whether it’s your first or fifteenth, can be stressful. There is a lot to think about and a lot to do, on top of dealing with your bank, solicitor and other professionals. Liquid takes the stress away by being in the middle of it all. We answer your questions and help you tick all your boxes so you can feel confident, not stressed.
  5. We’re independent – we don’t work for a bank, so we don’t have to offer you the bank’s products. We canvass a wide range of both bank and non-bank lenders to find the best solutions for our clients.
  6. Get a Financial Partner for life – a bank will be with you for the transaction and send you an email when it’s time to re-fix, but that’s the extent of the relationship. We keep in touch for the life of your loan, making sure you are getting the best deal, that your loan continues to work for you and that your needs are always being addressed.
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